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Radeon VII: How to measure stock voltage

Question asked by higgih01 on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by chapstickbomber

There seems to be a lot of interest at the moment in Radeon VII owners checking their card's stock voltage as a guide to how good their silicon quality is as the starting point for tuning their cards. 


I wanted to check if the following is the correct way to check my Radeon VII's stock voltage:  

1. Open Global Wattman in Radeon Settings and ensure it is set to the default settings

2. Hover your mouse over the right hand end point on the orange curve in the Frequency ve Voltage chart.

3. Read the displayed values which show your card's stock voltage.


My card indicates 1801mHz and 1115mV, which I am guessing makes 1115mV my stock voltage (see attached image). I have seen these values from other Radeon VII owners range from around 1050mV (very good) to 1150mV (not so good). Mine is on the higher end of mid-range and may limit my card's ultimate overclocking or undervolting performance. 


Is the above the correct way to measure a Radeon VII's stock voltage?


My Radeon VII stock voltage