The GPU firePro S7150 can't work in the virtual machine

Discussion created by zhouhao147258 on Mar 16, 2019
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My environment:
host server :centos 7.6 
guest: windows7 & windows10
The MxGPU in the virtual windows 7 can‘t work well
I add the MxGPU  s7150V on the windows 7,but the driver package (win7-64bit-radeon-pro-software-adrenalin-edition-18.q4.1-jan-16) can not identify my MxGPU correct。
like the picture below:


I search the 692F in the PCI database,its S7150V,but the VM can not identify it!!

GPU status on the host

s7150 pci_id 

the MxGPU s7150v pci_id

I tried all the driver packages on the AMD web-site,they all can not  identify the graphics card