Serious memory leak problem

Discussion created by mostwanted7 on Mar 15, 2019


I am having severe problems on my Lenovo Ideapad 530S 14ARR laptop.

It is using Ryzen 2500u chipset with integrated graphics, and the drivers that i downloaded and installed from the manufacturers website. I made sure they are updated, and even tried manually installing new amd adrenaline drivers, but the issue remains, making my laptop very unusable. 

I have 8GB of ram in my laptop (stock), and all that quickly gets eaten by amd drivers, and then my system crashes (BSoD crash...) The memory that gets occupied is the displayed as "non-paged pool" in task manager (windows 10). 

It is growing at a constant rate of about 5mb/minute, maybe a bit more than that. After a few hours of using the machine, the non paged pool goes up to a few gigabytes, and if I don't restart the machine soon enough, it crashes into BSoD with some memory problem displayed (havent taken ss of this because i couldnt)... The laptop is new and displaying this behaviour from day 1. I have returned the previous one for the same problem, but this proves that it is definitely not an isolated case. 

How can I fix this, if possible at all? In poolmon, the "Bytes" for the SI2C is growing constantly, and I have found that SI2C is indicating AMD VGA drivers. I really don't want to waste time into returning the machine for the second time, because of the driver problem, so please advise me on how to fix this problem.


What I have tried:

Updating, removing, reinstalling drivers.

Reinstalling windows 10.

Updating BIOS.