Feels per Second™ by ATI/AMD

Discussion created by loccothan on Mar 15, 2019

Just another Quality Driver release from ATI/AMD (Catalyst/ReLive/Adrenalin Team)
This one have One of the best Frame Times in History ! (0.1% & 0.01%)
Can't believe BFV can be even more #bettered, but with this driver it is even more smooth -> FreeSync in mind :D

Guys check some FPPS Game...

Feels per Second™ - It means You can really Feel that Game is Ultra Responsive & Smooth

IMhO 0.1% & 0.01% is much more important than Max FPS (Competitive Play in mind e.g. BF4/1/V)


Thanks ATI/AMD -> GJ Red Team :p


PC: ZEN 1700 8/16 3.92-4GHz DDR4 32GB 4133 CL19 at 3500MHz CL14 1T GD,

Vega 64 XTX LC (Original by ATI/AMD),

Iiama 27" 1440p 70Hz (75Hz w/OC) 10Bit FreeSync

SB-Zx with Headset by Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000X.....