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AMD Settings does not open after using DDU (subject already discussed)

Question asked by wilmerroa64 on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2019 by vinnipuk

Greetings to all:

I have already seen this issue in the community, however, before uninstalling my drivers, I will be here if it was advisable to use DDU, several say that if (in case of problems) I did not have, it was only to optimize, obviously not I got to see all the answers, now I regret it. I did all the steps in the right way with DDU - in safe mode - disable the internet - do not disable the antivirus since it did not give me problems - after the restart install the adrenalin drivers 19.2.3 already downloaded and now I do not open the Settings. Also update them to version 19.3.1 with the clean installation, but nothing. Help pleaseeeee, What file will have been deleted from the registry, which does not allow to open the Panel?

I can not format my PC, I do not know if this could also fix the new Windows updates.

with catalyst version 15 drivers that come by default, everything works perfect, the problem is with adrenalin.
My PC:
Lenovo z51-70 laptop
System model: 80k6
Windows: 10 Home 1809 64bits
Antivirus: Avast Free
Interchangeable graphics: Intel HD 5500 / AMD radeon r7 m360 (2 GB)
Ram: 4 GB
Directx 12