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Radeon VII Wattman Overclock

Question asked by khun_doug on Mar 14, 2019
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I have the Asus Radeon VII. After doing some experimenting with different games and Unigine benchmark, I'm getting confusing results. With Unigine and lots and lots of play time in Forza Horizon 4 I have my R7 overclocked at 1901 Mhz / 1116 mV. The card is behaving fine and appears stable. However, using those settings in Project Cars 2, the card consistently crashes. After multiple tests and a more play time I determined that for PC2 I can use 1870 Mhz / 1080 mV. And I also notice that PC2 makes the R7 run hotter. I am copying these latter settings to Asetto Corsa but they have not gotten the amount of testing that was put in with PC2.


I know PC2 is DX11 while FH4 is DX12 (from what I read). Is that enough to explain the difference in settings and card performance? What other factors can be at play to allow one game to run a higher clock while another game needs a lower clock?


The PC is using an I7-6850K with 64GB RAM. The power supply is EVGA Supernova 850. The primary display is an AOC AGON at 2560x1440 display, FreeSync. I am using Adrenalin 19.3.1, and Windows 10 build 1809.