Ubisoft login issues

Discussion created by tergen on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by alazarusenvy

So i got 2 issues really but the most current one is i got the email to add The Division 2 to my account finally. No problem, go to amdrewards log in, go to my rewards and click on the box. Up pops the ubisoft login. Ok easy so far. Put my login email and password in. Nope, wrong password, what? Go to ubisoft's site, log in, same password works. For the giggles, change password and try again, still wrong password. Well thanks AMD, thanks for teasing me like this. Anyone else get this issue where you can not redeem?

2ndary note, i have 2 keys apparently for The Division 2 and would like to give one away if possible. But thats a different problem.