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cant get amd rx580 game bundle steam keys

Question asked by rcandyman on Mar 13, 2019

hi amd community

i am curtrently struggling with an issue

yesterday i purchased a rx580 sdaphire radeon pulse 4gb at canada computers who gav eme the code to set up on amd rewards.


i  registered for amdrewards chose my games and all i get is it saying that i have to wait till it's avalible.


also iv tried contacting amd support with no help both on facebook and amd rewards support ticke with picture of recieptand my coupon code as prvided after i reedem my retailer code that igot from radeon rx 580


for refrencei have chosen 2 games( devil may cry 5 and resident evil 2)


as far as i know my item gpu is elgible and as far as my retailer says i shgould be getting it.


the question is why am i not recivingit or able to link my steam account.


also to add ivbeen told amd is really hard to get ahold of is that true?


i would really apriciate some help as its really frustrating to me as the games were a deal breaker for me between a nividia card.