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How to set up two Ultrawide monitors with RX 580?

Question asked by dennyseduardo on Mar 13, 2019

I'm having trouble properly working 2 monitors on the AMD Radeon RX 580 8Gb card. Because I have 2 ultrawide monitors from LG (25UM58). And I also have another Samsung TV of 46 "(full HD).


I would use both ultrawide screens as the main monitors and the TV as an additional screen, but it is difficult.

I connected 1 monitor (25UM58) to the HDMI output, and 1 monitor (25UM58) via HDMI / DisplayPort. And 1 Samsung TV via HDMI / DisplayPort.


The monitor 1 (25UM58) is ok with 2560x1080px, but monitor 2 (25UM58), the maximum resolution is 1980x1080px (on an ultrawide 21: 9 monitor, the image is distorted) and there are no options to leave it at 2560x1080px. And the image on the TV (monitor 3) does not even appear or be detected.


What is happening and where am I going wrong? I have already reviewed all the settings, reinstalled drivers, updated, etc ... but nothing works so far.


Does anyone know how to solve it?