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Destiny 2 not showing FPS in overlay and frame drops FIXED

Question asked by codyjayro on Mar 13, 2019

Hello, it's my first post in the AMD Forums, hope i am doing this right.

I've been having issues with Destiny 2 not showing the FPS counter in the overlay or the game advisor as if the game was not running (not detected by AMD software). I think this was also the cause for big frame drops even on low settings. I tried all sorts of things but what really seems to have fixed it is disabling fullscreen optimizations by right-clicking on the ".exe" > properties > compatibility tab.

I hope it helps other people having this problem or maybe AMD can look into this.


My system:

GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX580 8GB Pulse

CPU: i7-8700

RAM: 2x8GB HyperX 2400MHz


OS: Win10 v1809 (17763.379)