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No Mouse/Keyboard or display after installing RX570

Question asked by mikeoxbig on Mar 12, 2019

So I just received my RX 570 in the mail and put it in my pc. My problem is that nothing happens. The computer turns on and my fans light up and run but my mouse / keyboard and monitor don't power on. I put my older GPU back in and got scared for a second because it seemed to do the same thing but finally booted to windows and M&KB lit up and worked.
Any help for this?
Also the RX 570 has an external power plug on it. Does that have to have power run to and is my problem? I only have one 8plug power source cord and its plugged in up by my cpu and rear motherboard slots.
This is my current setup.
Screenshot - 7e3f10b8d1421f1d45c0a9bb31008ff4 - Gyazo