Ryzen 2600x Extreme stuttering in Firefox and Chrome

Discussion created by davegriff44 on Mar 12, 2019
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Hi Everyone.


Im at the end of my tether with a new build ive completed and thought id ask the community if anyone has a clue what is going on!


I've recently built a gaming rig consisting of:


Ryzen 2600x 

MSI Gaming plus x470 

Samsung Evo 970 m.2 NVME 

Corsair TX650m Power supply 

Corsair vengeance 3000mhz RGB ram

Zotac rtx 2060


I'll post a video of the issue here - Computer Problem 13/03 - YouTube 


Since the build has been assembled ive been having problems with video in chrome (with hardware acceleration on) and major stuttering in all of Firefox (with or without hardware acceleration on). Ive also had lighting problems in the games ARK Survival Evolved and Anthem.


Things ive tried so far - 


RMA the graphics card and got a replacement - Gigabyte gaming oc rtx 2060

RMA the motherboard - Changed for the MSI gaming carbon pro

Installed windows 10 onto different sata hdd

Checked ram one stick at a time - Currently running 16GB in dual channel as per motherboard instructions

Overcloked/AXMP the ram to 3000mz also left at stock motherboard values 

countless different driver versions

Different/Previous versions of windows 10 

With and without chip set drivers

with and without windows updates

different power modes in windows 

Wireless and wired internet connection

Different HDMI cables and monitor


And still the issue persists..... Im loosing my mind! 


Im starting to think its the CPU misbehaving but wanted to ask on here first before reaching out to AMD (just outside of the Retailers 30 day returns policy Dang!)


Any Help Would be greatly appreciated