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YCbCr or RGB PC Standard FULL RGB?

Question asked by androidmarshmallow on Mar 12, 2019
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Should I use the default YCbCr option or RGB? Why? My system specs are below.


This option I'm asking about is in the AMD Radeon Configurations, on the monitor options.


Yesterday I noticed a site that has white and light grey backgrounds isn't showing properly. Light grey background can't  be seen anymore, shows as white. I tried the same site on my phone and shows both colors correctly, I can see light grey as intended.


I read some articles saying this has to do with HDMI and graphics drivers. One article suggested we should use RGB Full HD for more colors so I switched to RGB. However, I just noticed that with RGB, the light blue bars on facebook polls can't be seen anymore, they appear as white. I switched back to YCbCr and I can see the light blue bars again, over white background. The light grey backgrounds still can't be seen.


I'm using the latest Adrenalin driver 19.2.3. My CPU is AMD Ryzen 2200G and I use a HDMI monitor.