bios not detect gpu

Discussion created by daril666 on Mar 12, 2019
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hello I bought the rx560 4gb from one store i install it on my pc and when i go to start it the gpu fan works but i dont get any signal from the bios not do that sound after hardewere check to continue so i can not enter to bios to do anything. i return the gpu in that store and they had the same thing when they try to test it.so i try one more time and i bought again the same card from anather shop cuz i had many times problem with defective hardwere from that first shop. again i have the same problem i turn the card back and they told me is working on them. so what can i do is compatibility problem? i know my hardwere is not the best but i thougth this graphics cards working with UEFI bios and my bios have the latest version update i install the gpu in pci x16 my spec is
intel core i7-2600
gigabyte GA-Z77m-d3h
8gb 2x4 1600MHz 
psu 600W