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-lGL missing for Cape Verde

Question asked by volumetricsteve on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by volumetricsteve

Hey Folks,


It's been a while but I've finally fired up my W4100 (low profile Cape Verde 4x Display Port) card.


It seems like everything is working fine (I'm on MX Linux and I'm still trying to figure out what "fine" is)

Acceleration appears to be working, Youtube playback is solid...glxgears works...and at present I don't have any other OpenGL apps to test with.


I tried to compile one from source, and upon doing so, I see that -lGL is missing.


I assume this means that a "dev" package from MX Linux is not yet installed.  However....I wonder if I were to just install AMD's official driver (since I'm finally using a debian based distro) that maybe that'd be best?


I get the sinking feeling I may break things either way.   Thoughts?