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Radeon VII performance

Question asked by sajeev3105 on Mar 10, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by harbi

Hi Guys,

  Does anyone have any experience with overclocking Radeon VII? My card is not giving me a performance that I am looking for. My cinebencz scores are not great at all somewhere around 8700 on 3D Time Spy and 4192 on Time Spy extreme. My config is as as below:


MB: Asus Maximus XI Extreme

CPU: i9 9900K (On custom liquid cooling, 420MM Radiator)

RAM: DOminator Platinum 64GB @ 3200 MHz

Storage: NVME Samsung 970 EVO PRO

PSU: 2000 Watt EVGA

GPU: Radeon VII


Currently I am stuck at 356 MHz on Memory clock... is this normal?


With such a bad benchmark scores I am not sure if I have something wrong here?



Any help will be deeply appreciated. I tried doing it using AMD Radeon settings utility, global wattman but with no luck, my system completely freezes on clicking save when I try even the Automatic OC mode... Please help it's getting so frustrating...