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Someone please help me

Question asked by urkeyrke on Mar 10, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by plum12
Sorry for bad english
Hello, recently i bought a new pc with
GPU: RX 550 2GB
CPU: 220GE
Motherboard: A320M
Components are brand new, my brother who works at a pc shop made it and send to me
When im using internet, everything is working fine, videos are playing in 1080p60fps with no problem, it never lags but when im playing games, it randomly freezes my screen or goes entire black and restarts my pc.
I've tried everything i thought of, i install newest drivers for gpu, motherboard, sound
Tried both Hdmi and Dvi-d ports on my display and connected it to my gpu
I also went to Global Wattman settings, set power limit to max etc..
I googled best gaming settings, changed them from like 5 videos, still.. it is not helping.
Help me, in my country this pc is very expensive and i cant think of anything else..