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thread stuck in device driver amd rx 580 8gb

Question asked by xiomega on Mar 10, 2019

hello I have a problem when I installed my video card everything seemed to work fine but reset my computer and reinstall all the corresponding drivers and when I open a game (Aragami) the pc crashes, and starts to make a lot of noise and tells me to thread_stuck_in_device_driver install all the corresponding driver I do not know what I'm failing next I'll leave the details of my corresponding pc

bios: Asus All Series with latest bios update


OS: Windows 10 x64


RAM memory: 8 GB


motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. -H81M-A


video card: rx 580 Phamtom Gaming Oc 8 gb


Processor: Intel i3 4170 3.70 GHz


HDD WD: blue 1 tb


Network card: Realtek PCIe Family Controller


If you need more details of the pc, write me


ps sorry for the bad english i speak spanish