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Fans speed, voltage and temperature stays elevated after quitting some games

Question asked by tjohn on Mar 10, 2019



has anyone encountered this problem on RX580? After playing The Division 1 and 2 for example, the voltage stays at 1.181, temperature stays a bit higher so fan runs at 800RPM constantly, power draw stays about 72W at idle... Today it happened in DMC5 as well.


Even if my computer idles for hours, it stays the same.


Only thing that helps is signing out from Windows account, but today it did not work and i had to restart the PC.


I wonder if it does not have to do anything with DX12, because i have not noticed this when playing RE2 Remake or other games, only those 3 DX12 games.


Nothing stays in task manager and I already tried like 5 or 6 latest drivers with DDU as well.


OS is Windows 10 64-bit