What is happening with my GPU? (RX480)

Discussion created by rekoj on Mar 8, 2019

Hello, I recently find that my GPU is having problems, when I try to run a game it appears a massive stuttering every second, and apparently the GPU load does not rise of 0%, something seems to be wrong with power load voltage and the core clock they are unstable, i dont know what is causing this.
About 2 months ago everything was working fine, I already had this issue like 1 year ago, but i format my pc and I dont remember what else I did but it seemed that it had been fixed.


I do not know much about these technical issues, but I always thought it was a problem with the power supply and voltage fluctuation


I hope you give me your opinion and advice of what I can do or try, i also try to install older drivers but the problem persist, so i think i a hardware problem


Here is my PC components:

RX 480 msi gaming x 4gb

core i5 6600

16gb ram

Board MSI B150 gaming m3

Power supply EVGA 600w bronze

SSD 120gb

2 HHD 1tb

I have windows 10 pro (1803 version) and AMD driver 19.3.1


I will leave some videos that I uploaded so you can see exactly what is happening:


MSI Kombustor test

stuttering test 1 - YouTube 

stuttering test 2 - YouTube 

stuttering test 3 - YouTube 


Games test

Farcry 5 stuttering test - YouTube 

Metro Exodus stuttering test - YouTube 

stuttering test benchamark - YouTube 


Here you can see how show 100% GPU load in GPU-Z App but 0% in MSI Afterburner app, i dont know what is happening

GPU load problem - YouTube