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Кит для обновления биоса матери!

Question asked by severage on Mar 9, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2019 by elstaci

подскажите нубу, это письмо означает что мне едет процессор или как?



This is an automatically generated email please do not reply


    Warranty Claim:  OPN AD9600AGABBOX , Serial number BOOTKIT


    Dear  Kinakh


    Thank you for submitting your warranty claim.


    Your request has been approved and the authorization number is: RMA#
    2000265320 which is valid for the next 30 days.


    Please note that we cannot process any part other than those approved
    in this email.


    To ensure your processor returns safely at the return center, please
    review the Packing & Shipping Guidelines on the following link before
    you pack your processor:


    We recommend using a trackable carrier to ship your RMA return to AMD.
    Please retain your carrier tracking details until you have received
    your replacement.


    Please ship your RMA return package to the following address:


    AMD c/o Kuehne + Nagel
    1 Pudongweg
    Rozenburg (NH),  1437 EM


    Your return processor will be subjected to inspection upon arrival at
    AMD returns center, and it must pass this inspection before a
    replacement product is approved.


    Should your return processor fail this inspection or an unauthorized
    product is received, an AMD customer support representative will
    contact you through email.


    Best Regards,
    AMD Global Customer Care


    Disclaimer: The content of this email is provided for informational
    purposes only. AMD makes no representation or warranties with respect
    to the accuracy of the content or of the information provided and
    reserves the right to change such information at any time without