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Cannot use 19.x.x driver with my Vega 64

Question asked by thiih_ on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2019 by stefan_s86

Hi everyone,


Currently I'm using 18.12.1 since newer drivers had the atl+tab delay and that bothered me. Now it seems to be solved but I'm unable to use "any" of the new drivers (19.x.x) with my Vega 64.

DDU -> 19.3.1 
DDU -> 19.2.3
DDU -> 19.2.2
tried some chipset (from AMD and Gigabyte website) with GPU 19.x.x driver combinations and none of it seems to work here.. in all situations above I got massive stuttering, lagging, Metro Exodus Bench can barely run, clocks/power draw keep going up and down up and down and I got like 3~4 FPS on it.. and I tried to play R6Siege dispite of its known glitch bug, no luck either


So I gave up, DDU -> 18.12.1 and everything runs fine.


Next step it would be reinstalling the system, but I just did a fresh install last month, so I not really sure it will solve it, and 18.12.1 drivers works perfectly


My Specs are:

Windows 10 1809
R7 2700x

Giabyte X470 Gaming 7

16GB DDR4 3733@3466
LG Curved 34UC79 144hz

EVGA 750W G3



Any thoughts? thanks!!