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AMD Radeon Driver freezing after a few minutes of use

Question asked by lulrtz on Mar 8, 2019

I just bought a AMD GPU for the first time(RX 570 4GB), I tried installing 2 of the latest drivers available (19.3.1 Optional) and (19.1.1) both of them work fine until they simply freeze! i cant even close the app. i need to close the  Radeon settings: host application.exe in the task manager. 


windows 10 64bits version 17763.316(not sure if every update is installed)

processor Ryzen 5 2600

8gb HyperX dual channel(compatible with moba QVL list)

Rog Strix x470-f gaming( bios American Megatrends Inc. 0225, 09/02/2018) not the latest avalible.

psu CX 550

1 SSD 120GB

2x HDS


can a driver freezing issue be assumed as a defect in my GPU?


in my benchmarks everything looks fine, I get 95 fps at Cinebench.

clocks are

gpu clock 1244mh maximum

memory clock 1750mhz maximum


maximum temperature playing bf 1 ultra settings after a few hours is never more than 72c


gpu gigabyte radeon rx 570 gaming 4gb gv-rx570gaming-4gd gddr5

I want to ask why this gpu only uses 90 watts at 100% usage? isnt it supposed to consume 150 watts?






I dont use any anti virus and my firewall is off.


here is an image of power consumption when playing a game.