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relive green screen Radeon VII

Question asked by cminion718 on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2019 by goldenblaster

I recently got my Radeon VII and have noticed a few issues with the software. Almost all of it runs great except for the overlay and relive. The main reason i wanted to use relive is for the instant replay because i want to make fun video montages but i do not want discord recorded ( relive never records that ) and i do not want to have to sort through hours of video recording since relive does a great quality video and i just set it for 1 min back or 2 . i also when i know i want to strait up record something i can do that.


The problem i am having is when i start the game after fresh reboot most of the time it works. the overlay will show up and it will record video and audio fine. I will alt tab and it is like something crashes and my monitors go blank and from that point forward it will not show up anymore. Sometimes the monitors never go blank it just never works. I will hit alt+z and when it does not work it acts like it comes up because mouse comes on screen but i see nothing on the right. If i record during this time when overlay is acting up the video is always green. I have done a lot of reading, tried reinstalling video drivers ( i did full os reinstall when i got new graphics card , always do ) I can not figure it out and the few post i have found almost no one ahs ever fixed it or their fixes do not fix mine. I was hoping could get some help.