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Radeon VII eGPU error 43 after Xconnect stopped working

Question asked by wicpar on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by radeonvii


Yesterday i set up the Radeon VII on my akitio node pro, connected to my lenovo p1(xeon+p2000). I installed the drivers (got a blue screen, messed things up, and it couldn't install the radeon settings) and it seemed to work fine i played a few games to celebrate, and the Xconnect service was active.

Today I decided to fix the mess, so i reinstalled the drivers. During the first reinstall i tried activating Thunderbolt 3 support in bios mode, but it caused a system hangup and i had to hard restart, maybe this messed things up. I spent  the rest of the day trying everything i can to fix but nothing helped. Oddly my windows troubleshooter doesn't have the option to troubleshoot hardware, so i didn't try that.

I even tried changing the card vbios, but it didn't help so i reverted.

So the card is there, in the device manager, with error code 43, GPU-Z detects it, i fixed the radeon settings installation, but it won't start.

The two differences remaining are error 43 and Xconnect not launching...


Is there a way to force Xconnect to launch? Is there an installer to force install it? or is my issue something else?