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Brand new Rx580 black screen when launching games

Question asked by zoopy on Mar 7, 2019
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I built a new PC yesterday, specs as follows:


CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600

GPU: 8GB Powercolor Radeon RX 580 Red Devil

Mobo: MSI B450M Gaming Edition

RAM: 16GB Gskill F4 K2 3200

PSU: 500W be quiet! PURE POWER (bronze rated)

HDD: 1TB Seagate

SSD: 240gb Intenso High Performance Internal SSD


So the first game I fired up was Subnautica and this played fine. Then I tried X4 Foundations, and all I got was either a black screen or white noise (ant war) and the GPU started making a nasty whining noise. No title screen, just straight to a black screen alternating back and forth to the ant war. Here's the list of games I tried:


Subnautica (works)

Rimworld (works)

World of Warcraft (works)

Fallout 4 (doesn't work)

Grim Dawn (doesn't work)

Overwatch (doesn't work)


 I can still alt-tab out, so the system isn't completely crashed. I uninstalled the driver in safe mode with DDU and then without a driver installed, I could see something in Grim Dawn (although I couldn't get past the loading screen). I rolled back to the previous driver version, but I get the same results.


If I alt-tab out in Overwatch I can hear the menu music and if I hover over the icon in the taskbar I can see the title screen. It's the moment I try to actually play that it becomes a problem. Subnautica runs perfectly, so I'm hesitant to say that this is a hardware problem or that my GPU is a dud. I'm a bit of a PC noob though, so I'm absolutely stumped on what to try next. 

Also, I don't have a real monitor yet because I'm waiting until next month before I spend more money. I've hooked it up to my Hisense TV for now. Could that be part of the problem?


Does anyone have any advice? I'm desperate to get this working because I just blew 750€ and now I can't play most of the games I wanted to.