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I hosted a giveaway for Devil May Cry 5, one of the free games i got from my RX 580. How would i give that to a person after i claim the other game i choose which was resident evil 2?

Question asked by thatsnotthepoint-__- on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by illandhil

Im not the biggest fan of the devil may cry series, but since i also purchased a ryzen 5 2600, it came with a copy of The Division 2, as a result, making it pointless to claim that game twice. So i opted in for Devil May Cry 5.


I have never been a fan of the series and i want to give the steam code that ill receive away to someone who would really enjoy it.


only caveat being, that from what it looks like, AMD rewards no longer just spits out a Steam Key for you, now you have to link your steam account??? Thats kind of annoying. But nonetheless is it possible to unlink my steam after i take the game i want and give the other key to a different individual??? AMD is really making it difficult.  if needed, i can provide proof of purchase etc