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is it my cpu?

Question asked by petray671 on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2019 by petray671

so i just built my first PC and the spects are: 


gigabyte aorus b450 wifi pro micro itx

ryzen 7 2700x

xfx rx560 GTS XXX edition

600w evga 80+ gold

16gbs ddr4 2666 RAM


so after i built it i installed windows with a key i bought for 10 bucks, and everything went good with downloading steam and other programs. moments pass with no problems, i ran a benchmark and it went great! but when i try to start up arma 3, it crashes right when it puts me in the game.. it would either crash and take me to the desktop, or crash and have the PC shut off.. even better, i tried it again and even the simple programs will make it crash.. i was told by other forums that it was my drivers, but all of them were up to date and i even bought a driver manager.. so i took it geek squad like an idiot, and they told me i needed a new gpu.... fml.. so i get the same gpu and put it in and still the damn thing! people are saying its my cpu wattage is too much for the mobo, and saying i need to get a different mobo.. i just wanna throw this thing in the trash right now.. and stomp out my oculus rift.. and yes all bios were updated