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MSI B350M Bazooka & R5 2400G

Question asked by hardcoregames™ on Mar 5, 2019

I noticed in the BIOS that my RAM was shown by default as DDR4-2133.So I went into the advanced menu and selected DDR4-2400 which is my RAM speed. I also tried the fastest timing.


Reboot and now my CPU is running at 3.85 MHz and the RAM is now at DDR4-2400. So it appears that the BIOS has overclocked the processor to achieve the desired memory speed.


I just have 2 stick of memory for testing but I intend to use 4 stick of memory on the B350 as I want to have more than a piddly amount of memory installed.


So how high can the R5 2400G go with this type of settings?