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Monitors go to sleep mode / PC stays on / R9 290x

Question asked by donutseries on Mar 6, 2019


I've been having this issue for just over a year after attempting to use a VR headset on my PC. 

It originally started when I purchased the Oculus Rift and I would be able to use it for around 5 minutes in a game and then my monitors would go to sleep mode along with the Oculus so my GPU would just stop outputting. I returned the Oculus after thinking it was an issue with the headset but it wasn't (I tried my friends but it still happened). 


My PC ran fine after that up until a few months ago it would all of a sudden stop outputting video to my monitors. There's no specific thing which sets this off, I can be on my desktop and it would happen but it happens more consistently when the card is under load playing games (Going AFK with a game open and coming back to black monitors gets annoying)


The only way to use my PC after this is to turn it off from the power button and boot it up again. When the monitors are black, my PC stays powered, LED lights stay on, fans stay on (including the GPU). The only error I do get on rebooting my PC is a Wattman error occurred and that the settings were set back to default. 


I have tried several things to fix this issue including:

  • Uninstalling any OC software (Installed after the issue with the Oculus started occuring to see if I could increase fan speed)
  • Updating drivers
  • Reinstalling drivers
  • Dusting out the card
  • Re seating the card


The card is old, I've had it for around 2 (maybe 3?) years now after purchasing my whole PC from my brother after I moved out to university. I'm hoping it isn't a hardware issue caused by the age of the card but I've relentlessly tried to find a fix and I am starting to think I may just need to upgrade (which I can't do for another 2 months).


  • My temps normally sit around 90-95C when playing games and idle around 60C


Any help is appreciated, if I happen to remember any more details I'll update the thread with them, thanks.