12 nm or 14 nm?!

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Hello worried you a longtime buyer of your products Maxim. On the Internet, on one well-known news resource (the screenshot below, https://youtu.be/BrcAMdmNiyM?t=121) found conflicting information in the video that you use in amd ryzen 5 2600 - 14 nanometer processors, not 12 nanometers. Why do they say that? They ruin your reputation! Consumers regard it as a hoax! Comment please wait for a response. And I don’t want us to spread negative information about you in the region, since I am your fan. P.S. Sorry for the English used Google translator.


This is Max. I want to supplement my request about the false information that is distributed on the Internet of Russia, about your second generation processors. I found another well-known video ( https://youtu.be/WCiOgbOhPpA?t=568 ) and here it is translated into Russian as - there is no difference in the physical sizes of the transistors used in the generation of Ryzen 2 !

That is, the person says that your new processors are no different from the old first-generation 14-nanometer! Accordingly, I read reviews in electronics supermarkets ( https://www.dns-shop.ru/product/06bf9e32275d3330/processor-amd-ryzen-5-2600-box/opinion/ ) are now users of each other discourage buying processors amd, as they say your 12-meters is just marketing and not reality. Take action! Waiting for an answer.