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Catalyst Install Manager freezes/crashes

Question asked by arswll94 on Mar 4, 2019

Hello everyone


I am asking You for help cus I am having issues with the Catalyst Install manager.
When i launch Setup everything is fine on the first step when to choose language and keep on going. 

After that the problems just starting it keeps freezing and won't show anything

Then there is no response.

I tryed to install Catalyst Control Center from the packages to bypass Install Manager but reacts so slow..for about i don't know 5 minutes or more to react its verry laggy and not responsive.

I don't know what to do i tried everything what i know

I wiped out all drivers with DDU application in the safe mode and installed Radeon Settings but for me Catalyst Control Center is must have option i don't have GPU Controls when it needed.
I have installed net framework to current version

It all happens after Windows formating
I don't know maybe i don't have specific drivers to show this properly it happens with all versions of CIM and CCC

And i have discovered the most of install applications have this problem i can't even launch Services from keeps crashing all the time.

My specs are

    AMD Graphics Card
        AMD R9 200 Series
    Operating System
       Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
    Driver version
        Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.12