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AMD radeon pro W9100 6 outs

Question asked by hubertpichot on Mar 3, 2019
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I have an AMD radeon pro W9100 in a Sonnet EGFX650W on a MBP 2018 Mojave and i would like to have 6  x (1920x1080) outputs working.

I have 6 Startech minidp to hdmi active adaptors.

As my screens are far away i convert the HDMI to SDI with microconverter from Blackmagic.

When i add the 4th monitors i get blinking blue flash and color space problem.

How much active adaptor should i use....

Is there any document i could read to understand this system on clocking or at least any info on how to get 6 outs working clean with this card.

Thank you

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