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Radeon RX Vega 64 core clock not stable (Stability issue)

Question asked by ositos_lp on Mar 3, 2019

So i got my hands on a little, sweet RX Vega 64, that was broken. Repaired it and used it with my custom EKWB Waterloop (360mm, so i dont think the temperatur is a problem) for very maybe 1-3 months. I overclocked the Vega 64 and flashed the BIOS to an Vega 64 LC Edition to use the base clock of the card.

My Vega clocks are as follows:

  - core clock: about 1752 MHz with about an Voltage of max. 1.250 V

  - memory clock: 1050 MHz with about a max. Voltage of 1.000 V

  - power target: its set to +20%

  - memory-timing was set to timing level 2

Im using it with Enhanced Sync, Shader-Chache/Tessellation-Mode: AMD optimised, surface optimization: enabled and morphological filtering enabled as well.

But recently my Vega is freaking out, its not clocking as it should.

Its always clocking from about 1666 MHz core clock and 1050 MHz memory clock to about 680 MHz core clock and 500 MHz Memory clock.

I mean its no problem for CSGO and LoL, as they dont really need that much of graphics acceleration power, but in GTA V or SoTTR at 1440p it needs as much as it can get, and that is were the problem is. Maybe its my Prozessor thats bottlenecking my Vega 64 (R5 1600X OC to 4 GHz on a B350 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon) but i dont really think so.

I can't really afford a new GPU so it would be nice if someone could help me with this problem.

I tried to write down anything that i think that is usefull/helpfull.

If any more information is needed, please feel free to ask and thank you very much for your help.