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Occasionally BSOD with AMD/Microsoft drivers (last 2-3 months)

Question asked by grabit59 on Mar 3, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by goodplay

Hello everybody,

I've got 3 PC with

  1. ASRock FM2A88X-ITX &  AMD A8-7600  - Win10 (used often)
  2. ASRock FM2A88M Pro+ & AMD A8-7600 - Win10 (used normally)
  3. ASRock FM2A68M DG3+ & AMD FM2 A4-4020 - Win7 (use occasionally)

In last months PC1has started showing BSOD 2/3 times a day for "memory management error". I did several unsuccessfull tries:

  1. Unistalled graphic card (Radeon R7)
  2. Updated AMD drivers (v19.x)
  3. Removed AMD drivers (MS Windows used its own drivers)
  4. Installed old AMD drivers (until v18 I had no problem)
  5. Reinstalled last AMD drivers
  6. Exchanged RAM modules between PC1 & PC2
  7. Exchanged system disk between PC1 & PC2


Please note that:

  1. All PC's have all applications and operating systems regulary updated
  2. All PC's have KIS 2019 updated daily
  3. PC2 once gave same error in last days
  4. PC3 with Win7 has no problem at all

Yesterday, tired to fight with unknown ghosts, I installed Ubuntu in dual boot and I worked an entire day with no problem.

@ this point I think that some MS win10 update has problems with AMD HW / AMD drivers.

Last remaining is a clean install of MS Windows system; what a bore re-install all my applications B-[


Don't worry, be happy

P.S.: with MS ending support for Win7 next year, I'll go definitly for Linux.