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overheating of the video card and incorrect operation of the cooling system, what should i do?

Question asked by hs_vereneg on Mar 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2019 by entranced
Hello, I would like to clarify whether it is normal that my video card (RX580 Gigabyte 4GB) in games heats up to a temperature of 71-76 (C) degrees Celsius at 2450-2700 (RPM), while setting (mod) Chill from Radeon is enabled so that the video card consumes less power and therefore less heated, plus restrictions on maintaining the temperature of the video card in the region of 70 (C): WattMan-> Temperature-> Power Limit-> (-20%). If you remove the Chill mode and the temperature limiter, then the video card starts to make more noise and warm up. At the same time, in the reviews and forums, with the same graphics settings in games and identical configurations, this video card warmed up to 64-68 (C) degrees Celsius at 1400-1600 (RPM). In games, there are also noticeable friezes and twitches. The card works about 1.5 years. Why such high temperatures at high speed coolers? What should I do and how to eliminate it (what is the problem)?