Custom resolution problems

Discussion created by milacich on Mar 2, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by attenox

When I put my resolution to stretched in Fortnite, like 1220x1080, and 75hz in my Radeon settings, and when I play Fortnite I can feel that it's not on 75hz and that it's not smooth at all. When I put it to native 1920x1080, which is set to 75hz too on monitor, I can feel that it's really smooth. I want to play stretched but it's not smooth and I can't play with it like that, it's hurting my eyes literally. I tried everything, switching to that resolution on monitor and setting it to 75hz in advanced display adapter properties, turning GPU scaling on etc... Also when I try to put custom resolution in Radeon settings it doesn't let me put G.Refresh Rate to 75hz, its either 74.906 or 74.996. Other games are also smooth on 1920x1080, but custom resolution is really laggy.