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instant lock up with the 2400g- not even a BSOD

Question asked by verylbue on Mar 2, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2020 by verylbue

TLDR: think I have an iGPU problem, have tried basic troubleshooting, unsure if hardware or software problem-probably software. need help/suggestions.



Ryzen 5 2400g w/ Vega 11

ASRock AB350 Fatal1ty ITX

Patriot Viper 3000mhz 2x4GB DDR4 (on the mobo QVL)



I'll keep it short. I have done plenty of troubleshooting with software and some hardware that i can get my hands on. I'm a newbie so I have missed some things like updating the BIOS and out of fear of messing up. (My BIOS is like 9 months old)


System runs fine on Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor- I can game(on 10FPS~) In addition, I did install a discrete GPU(Radeon HD 7750) and it worked perfectly. I could run a userbenchmark test and game on max settings(League). This shows it's an iGPU problem right?


My reasoning it's an iGPU problem is:

- Userbenchmarks stress everything before the GPU test. With Vega 11 my system is fine until the GPU test.

-I have also run memory diagnostic tests which show no problems.

-Whenever I don't use the iGPU my system is perfectly fine.

-My PSU is fine because it surely would've blown up when I had a discrete card in there and stressed my system.


Upon downloading latest MOBO and Vega drivers my system is great. Nice and clear 1080p display, I have volume, everything I wanted!... until I stress the iGPU. I don't even get 1 second of gameplay in League of Legends before a lockup. I must've missed something.


I used to get BSOD but now it's only ever a lockup, which makes me think the problem is getting worse. This especially sucks because I don't even get to see the memory dumps.


Things I have done:

I have used 3 different Vega 11 drivers(Beta,stable and the oldest available) - all produce the same problem.

I have run tests with and without the MOBO drivers- no difference.

Each time I do the tests I use DDU on safe mode to reset everything.

I'm not overheating. I'm usually running my system at 25~ degrees Celsius.

RAM is on auto settings (2133MHz) - I have run tests with XMP on too.-no change

Not overclocked my CPU or iGPU-not even once.(I dont want to until I get my system working)