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Question asked by ishaan on Mar 2, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2019 by ishaan

I am facing some issues with my graphics card related to driver installation since I purchased it. I discussed the issue on this forum ,however I did not get satisfactory replies. I get driver installation error 0x15 in event viewer. This issue occurs if I use a standard Radeon installer instead of minimal setup or auto detect. The problem is that when I use minimal setup It gives me errors like- the installer could not find the path specified. The driver sometimes install and other times it does not. So I decided to contact Sapphire support just to confirm if my card was alright. However it is months since I sent them a mail which has not been replied. They simply do not reply no matter how many times you send a mail. Does this mean we should abandon Sapphire products. If their is no customer support how can we expect the warranty system to be? I really doubt it. I need a reason.