FX-8350 / ASUS 970 ProGaming / AURA Mobo overheating issue

Discussion created by strido on Mar 1, 2019
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 FX-8350 CPU, ASUS 970 ProGaming / AURA Motherboard

Coolermaster Cosmos Full tower case

Noctua case fans

Arctic Freezer A11 CPU heatsink/fan


For the last few months I've been fighting extreme overheating on my CPU. Trying to determine if it's the MoBo or the CPU.  Since the issue first started I've replaced all the case fans and the old Coolermaster CPU fan.  I replaced it with what the internet assured me are nice fans and cooling solutions.  I ordered a water cooling system which was leaking when I opened the package so I'm going to go ahead and not do that.  (that's when I got the Arctic Freeze)


As of now, the side of the CPU is open with a fan blowing in.  It's actually the only way I can do anything at this point.  I actually just played BF4 (!!) with this set up and barely made it 5 minutes in.  Without the case open like this it won't even make it past the loading screen.


I've confirmed everything is seated correctly.  This  morning I removed the gobs of thermal paste i put on there thinking maybe I had TOO MUCH of it, and replaced it with a pea sized amount and put the heat sink back on.  Nothing seems to be fixing the issue, even shutting off 4 of the 8 cores results in a giant heap of nothing.  ASUS suggests it's the CPU.  Not a terribly surprising thing.

Does anyone know if there are known issues with this configuration (MoBo / CPU) or with this CPU at all?  I wouldn't mind ordering a new CPU, even going one step backwards if I need to. My needs aren't very big. I'm not trying to build the mega system of the century, I just want dance on the fallen e-bodies of my e-enemies PUBG style without crashing when I draw my weapon.  I'm just hesitant to keep throwing different components at this issue until the right one sticks.  I'm close to buying a completely new system, case and all but that's a last resort.