AMD Store MI Linux

Discussion created by puchenyaka on Mar 1, 2019

Hello. I've reproduced strange issue on latest Linux kernel with B450 chipset. I am doing fstrim on nvme drive and kernel spamming errors like:

[  145.127297] nvme 0000:06:00.0: AMD-Vi: Event logged [IO_PAGE_FAULT domain=0x0000 address=0x00000000fd769100 flags=0x0000]
[  145.127301] AMD-Vi: Event logged [IO_PAGE_FAULT device=06:00.0 domain=0x0000 address=0x00000000fd769180 flags=0x0000]

These errors have no effects, I am just ignoring them. I think that they may be related to AMD Store MI.


When AMD plans to implement Store MI in Linux? Thank you.


More details here 202665 – NVMe AMD-Vi IO_PAGE_FAULT only with hardware IOMMU and fstrim/discard.