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Any Workarounds for Broken Downloads?

Question asked by highlybummed on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2019 by highlybummed

I have several ATI FirePro V5700 PCIe graphics cards and I would like to have the latest driver/software suite for Win7x64.


Believe it or not, I am confined to a 56k dial-up connection and it is impossible for me to download this suite -- or just about any other driver software -- from your servers because they do not support resuming a broken download. There is no way that I can download more than approximately 110MB without the connection dropping. Then I have to redial and go on from there.


Is there any way that I can link to a file on your site through a server that does support a resume function or is there some other workaround that you can think of? I have a download manager that supports resume and I believe that the built-in Firefox downloader will resume. The problem is that the servers they are downloading from don't support that function -- unlike practically every other server I've downloaded from in the past ten years.


I know that I can get one of the latest -- if not the latest -- drivers through windows update but it's just the display driver, not the suite that is offered through AMD's site.


No, I can't use a workplace or friend's high speed connection. If I could, this wouldn't be an issue.


Thank you for your kind attention!