Gigabyte RX 580 8GB Freeze

Discussion created by dcmunhoz on Feb 28, 2019
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Hi guys, recentely i'm bought a new AMD setup, but, every time  that i'm trying to play an game, my GPU just freeze. I don't know what to do anymore to solve this problem, i'm really need a help please.


What i'm already tried:

1. Set Fan speed 100% when temp get's 65ºc;

2. Update driver's version 19.2.3;

3. Format and let Windows install the GPU driver version;

4. Clock RAM speed to 2666 Mhz, after din't work, i'm back to auto config;

5. install driver version 19.1.1, but GPU freeze during installation.


This is what i'm tried to solve, but not success.


Here some videos that i'm recorded to show the problem:

RX 580 screen crash - YouTube 

RX 580 black screen - YouTube (When this happend's the fan speed get's 100%)

RX 580 Lights - YouTube 


My config:

Motherboard: Biostar A320MH DDR4 AMD AM4;

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK8GX4M1A2666C16 8GB 2666MHz;

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz / 3.6GHz Max Turbo YD1600BBAEBOX Six Core 16MB AM4 Cooler Wraith Spire;

GPU: Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 Gaming 8G GV-RX580 GAMING-8GD 8GB GDDR5;

O.S.: Windows 10 Pro 64bit;

Font: Cooler Master Masterwatt MPX-5001-ACAAW 500W