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RADEON RELIVE Improvement Suggestions

Question asked by konizu on Feb 28, 2019

First of I really love Radeon Relive and I think it has improved a lot for the past months I've been using AMD Graphics. I got a few minor issues that I hope will be addressed on the next major RADEON SOFTWARE update which will make a lot differences for productivity creators who also play games.


1. I would like an option to add exclusion to applications with RADEON RELIVE.
- Like for instance whenever I'm using Adobe Photoshop, some default keybinds for RADEON RELIVE conflicts with Photoshop, and I don't like to rebind my keys cause I use a lot of convenient applications running in the background that are already set to my personal keybinds as well. Also I'm already used to the default keybinds for the RELIVE so I don't want to change it.


2. Add further overlay compatibility to DirectX12 apps

- I tried live streaming my gameplay of RESIDENT EVIL 2 and I'm playing the game on Window Mode (with Borderless Gaming enabled for it) I noticed that when the game is running on top - pressing ALT+R will not activate the RADEON OVERLAY menu, but it will only activate if I have another window to switch on that to select RESIDENT EVIL 2 to start recording/streaming.


3. Please make Print Scrn Key alone able to be binded with the Screenshot function of RADEON RELIVE.

- Self Explanatory, but yes - please make that possible cause I want to stop using FRAPS now cause they haven't updated it since DX12 came out.


That's about it I hope these features can be considered and be implemented in the near future, thank you very much!