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Eyefinity Bezel ignores my calibration and always sets the same resolution

Question asked by manunesf on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by kingfish

Hello there,


So, i've been having this problem forever, but had always being able to turn it around by restarting the system sometimes but now not even that is working.


After I set the triple monitor (same size and resolution) eyefinity (5760x1080), and then proceed to ajust the bezel compensation, it ALWAYS goes for 6336x1080, ignoring my calibration at all times (that is something about 5880-5920x1080). So i only have the option of using no compensation at all or this huge compensation resolution that makes it completely unusable.


As i stated in the first paragraph, it used to accept my FIRST calibration after restarting, and only then it 'bugged' to that stuck setup, but now not even my first calibration is working, so i can't get to play how i used to with triple monitor.


Driver is up to date 19.2.3 (i always updated to try to get out of a present stuck resolution situation), but there problem is here for more than a year (since i started using).


GPU is Radeon R9 200 series
CPU is AMD FX-8350


I need a way to get out of this stuck cycle and let the driver accept my calibration normally or even a way to set the resolution behind the monitors border by 'hand' (inserting the number), because 'custom resolution' tab won't allow that either.