GPU Scaling Windows 10 Radeon Pro

Discussion created by bwanajh on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by fsadough

I just moved to Windows 10 and I cannot get GPU scaling to work.


In Windows 8.1 I was able to easily make my 1080 HDMI TV display as an upscaled 4k desktop. In windows 10, this is no longer possible for some reason. I can select GPU scaling in Radeon Pro, but once selected I am not given any extra resolution option in Windows. In 8.1 selecting GPU scaling would cause Windows to give me higher options for resolutions.


Could anyone help me get my virtual upscale back? I really miss it! I don't want to have to change video cards over something so simple! What have I overlooked? Is this a bug?


Firepro w7100

Radeon Pro Software Version 19.Q1.1

Windows 10 Pro