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Discussion created by waifu on Feb 26, 2019
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After updating to Adrenaline 19.1.1, my ReLive does not record any audio at all while having my default audio playback set on my headset. It seems to only work when I am using a default playback setting with a "AMD High Definition Audio Device" such as my TV plugged to my GPU. Any other devices using the Realtek HD Audio such as my headset or my speakers while not work with ReLive. Recording microphone audio does not work as well.

Everything was working fine until I updated to 19.1.1 or higher. I tried changing a few settings in the Global tab or the recording tab like trying different audio capture device or separating microphone track, etc. In my opinion, it has to do with AMD HD audio driver and Realtek Audio drivers. 



  • i7-7700k
  • Z270 MSI Gaming pro carbon
  • AMD RX 480


I have 3 monitors and 1 TV plugged on my GPU.


Here is a screenshot of my sound playback


I have Realtek HD audio drivers installed as well. 


Device Manager:


 Thank you.