Lenovo 330s Ryzen 3 2200u Restart Issue 19.2.3

Discussion created by luky98 on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by me262schwalbe1

Hello I have experienced a problem with amd 19.2.3 driver. My device after installing drivers from amd cant restart anymore. When I try to restart my screen goes all black and only solution is to turn off my laptop. Sleep function also isnt working. In device manager I can see that amd PSP driver is not working properly. I tried to download older drivers from OEM's and it worked. But there is a huge perfomance hit in games... Please fix this or give me a solution thank you I have been waiting too long fort this official driver from amd.


SPECS:  Lenovo 330s 15ARR

               Ryzen 3 2200u Vega 3 

               8GB ram