Super/ Custom Resolution Doesn't work on R9 280

Discussion created by mr_mark195 on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by detrophy

Hello. Since 2018, the R 9 280 (possibly on the entire series) does not work with super high resolution and cannot be edited in the registry. Now I'm sitting on 17.7.1 and can use QHD and 2560x1080, but I miss the improved ReLive and Enhanced sync. Is there any chance of a fix? Well, it would be desirable to fix a bug that causes flicker on the second monitor during overclocking. This is observed on the HD 7900 / R9 280 and is treated by the old drivers, but I would like to have more modern UPD: Updated the driver to 19.2.3 and the super resolution still does not work. On the old 2017 drivers, everything worked fine. Why break something that worked well?