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Discussion created by xlox on Feb 26, 2019
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Hello, i'm from france, i bought a radeon VII this month, received it quickly after only 4 days, now it's seems unavailable like there was only one card in stores lol... and I'm so happy with it. I had a 1080ti with drivers that were so full of bugs (sleep mode bugs, glitches, blank screen at windows startup, windows that were a mess when coming from sleep mode, when screen were going to sleep mode , but woke up after 10s again and again etc etc etc), and updates didn't correct anything or sometimes it was worse,...  i couldn't use my pc as a working pc with my 3 screens, there were too much problems with nvidia drivers, i could just play and shutdown lol..., and now with the radeon VII i don't have any problems anymore. I know why I came back to radeon gpu and I don't regret it. But I also noticed that there were so much bad reviews over the internet that I can't understand. These reviews are so wrong compared with reality: the card isn't noisy (they tested only at extrem conditions and conluded it was noisy , it's so stupid) , the card is not very hot (always between 60/70 degres in games), the card performs extremly well , i play in 4K and i gain significantly fps in all the games I  play from 1080ti... Reviews don't even speak about the much better quality of radeon driver over nvidia driver, even the overclocking potential seems very good ..... I don't understand the goal of all of these identical reviews (they all seem the same , they just ajusting some number to be a little different, but in fact they are globally wrong) , they tested the card with early drivers and they think that it won't evolve, again, so stupid, to read things like these like propaganda they do, ..what's the point ? maybe you can tell me lol, because at this point i think it's a little bit shocking